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In November, John, Pierre, Esther, Nadine and me went to London for one weekend. It was great fun and we agreed on coming back in summer for a longer time than only Friday to Monday. The cast changed a little bit and in the end we conquered London with 5 girls. Esther, Nadine, Eva, Katja and me finally started enjoying our live and ourselves. Lessons Learnt are for example that Marble Arch is still cursed (we got lost in that Subway the last time) and that Nadine is a lesbian and could play the main act in every Horror picture. But more in the detailed report:

Day one: July 18th 2006

Eva, Nadine and me met at the train station in Kandel, where I had to notice that my suitcase was by far the biggest. Why do I always have more things with me than others?

The train arrived and did not stop at the part of the platform where we were standing but 200 m further down. So we ran with our suitcases down the platform (I will never ever again carry 18 kilos with me!). When we arrived the train door, it closed and the train began to leave. The driver must have been joking! Didnt he see us running towards him with our heavy load? He stopped again. Exactly where we were standing before! So we ran again to reach the train. Nice beginning for a holiday, dont you think?

In Wörth Katja and Esther joined the train but we did not find them until we got off at Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof. After 2 hours travel (at about half past five pm) we reached the Airport in Stuttgart. Surprisingly we did not get lost! We checked in our luggage and waited for our plane to leave. This time the security checks went well. Nobody had to show his underwear because there was a terroristic hair dryer under it and I could leave on my belt.

From Stansted Airport we took a shuttle bus to Victoria Station. On the way weve already seen pretty much of London by night. It was so amazing. At Victoria Station we bought a 7 day Travelcard and continued our journey by tube. District Line Westbound to Earls Court. Ive always known, that the District is not the fastest line but that it is so slow??? At about half past ten (local time) we arrived at Olave House, where we were to stay for the week. Our first impression was: Does this house contain more than staircases? Yes it did. At least it contained Room 12, a 6 bed dorm we had to share with an American girl. It did not need long to create a mess in this room. ;-) By the way: On the toilets there were signs: do not leave the toilet in a mess. If you do make a mess- clean it up Unfortunately not every guest was ( as it seemed) able to read

Being very hungry we went looking for the promised 24/7 Tesco to get something to eat. We did not find Tesco but we found Sainsburys. After that we did a Midnight picknick in the hostels common room. At half past one we fell in our beds like stones.

Day two: July 19th 2006

At quarter past nine the alarm clock of my cell phone told us to get up. Breakfast was only until ten oclock and there were only 2 female showers for the entire hostel, so we split and one part went to breakfast the other to the shower.

Nadine noticed that she had lost her travelcard and so she purchased another one (22 pounds 20 pence)

After leaving the hostel we caught a wrong tube and ended up in Notting Hill. This mistake turned out to be a good idea. We went shopping and walked through Portobello Market. After that we tried to reach our actual destination: Tate Britain. I am a Turner-fan. I like his romantic paintings and so I really enjoyed walking through the gallery. When Eva and I discovered the section with Turners first drawings we were really astonished. He called THAT a sketch? Those so called first impressions and ideas already looked like great finished paintings!

After the art program we bought some ice cream and walked along the Thames towards Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Of course we took the mandatory pictures before getting on the Tube and visiting Sainsburys once again. This time we picknicked in our beds and relaxed after stilling our hunger. Filled up we went to Harrods and almost collapsed at seeing the prices. Back in our hostel Nadine, Eva and I dressed for Les Miserables. The occurring question Am I underdressed? was answered later. (No, there were people in shorts so we did in fact look okay) But before we could leave there was a little problem. Nadine had begun to spray. Her nose was bleeding and it looked a little bit like a Horror film seeing her spraying red drops into the basin. After the problem was solved we hurried to Piccadilly Circus. Not knowing the way to Queens theatre and being already late we asked some police men for the way. One thing we noticed with every Londoner, they are so slow! Instead of telling us the way straight away he asked us what we want to watch! Did I mention that we were in a hurry? Finally he told us how to walk (lets better say run). 5 minutes before the performance started we got there! The Musical is great. I only knew some songs and I did not really know the plot but I was caught by it anyway. In the end I even had to cry. Such a beautifully sad musical. At ten thirty we met Katja and Esther again and we looked for a place to eat.

We found a Chinese restaurant with an all you can eat buffet. As it was already quite late we asked if they were still open. It said yes. We began to eat and twenty minutes later the waiter told us that they will be closing.

At the hostel we went to the Common room (as we did not want to wake our American girl) and drank some Cider. We bought that bottle the day before and we noticed that warm cider does not taste as good as chilled cider but we drank it anyway and had fun.

Day three: July 20th 2006

This time the alarm clock tortured us half an hour earlier. Nadine and Eva were so amazed by Les Miserables that they decided to watch it a second time. Katja and Esther had tickets for tonights performance so Eva and Nadine bought tickets as well. While they tried to get tickets, Esther, Katja and me went to the HMV Store were again I could not resist. It is not possible to go into a cd shop with me and going out without having bought something! I got the latest AFI album and for free a kind of collection of newly released songs. I have not listened to my present yet but the bought cd is awesome! Esther seems to be even more addicted to cd shops than me as she bought much more! Katja also found a CD and so we went back to meet the two Les Miserables freaks who got tickets for the very first row. Restricted view but spitting included.

After that we went to Camden Town and left some money there The Asian girl I bought my top from was a little bit to helpful for my taste. I asked her if I could try it on. She nodded and begun to dress me! I believe I would have been able to do that myself After one hour we met again and took the tube southbound. We got off the tube at Kings Cross on the way back to the hostel to see St.Pancras and look for platform 9 ¾. The first looks like a Church but is in fact a train station. Amazing! And for the second: we did not find it. But walking through Kings Cross is fun as well. Last time our hostel was near this station and we spent a night at Kings Cross. Then we found the cheap Chinese restaurant weve been to the last time and they saved us from starving! Nadine seemed to have learnt not to eat anything. Whereas I am hungry all the time she hardly ate anything. Eating. I am very easy to handle if you feed me regularly. If not, I can become quite bitchy. So I always advised Nadine (who was something like our guide) to plan something to eat regularly. After that Chinese restaurant even I was satisfied and we went home by bus. From the North of London to Westlondon in the rush hour. Maybe we should have taken the tube. It would have been 20 minutes not over one hour. But riding a bus in London is something special I think. Sitting in the upper level I always felt we were going to crash something. That was far more exciting than sitting in a hot Tube were male and female automatic voices tell me to mind my head, mind the gap, not to obstruct the doors and things like that. ;-)

In our hostel room we relaxed a bit and dressed for the following events. 150 Oxford Street. HMV Store. Concert and signing session of The Rifles. I had never heard of them before but Esther had listened to some songs and told me that they were great. And I have to admit yes they are. Not quite my taste of music but I enjoyed the gig. After that we bought their CD. Esther and the others went to Les Miserables and left me in the HMV. I let our copies of No love lost sign and shook hands with the Rifles. After that I wanted to go to the Worlds end. But I did not find busses which went there. So I decided to go to Mile end instead. Nadine told me that there might be a cheap cinema . I wanted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean so I got off at Mile end and found myself quite far from Central London I walked about 20 minutes until I found a cinema. After the film I got lost. I walked into the wrong direction for about 15 minutes and could not remember which way I had come from. Walking alone in the night through this part of London was somehow scary. When I finally managed to find the right way and get back to the hostel (about 30 minutes) I was very relieved to find my friends sitting in our room. We ate chocolate and other sweets and talked until a look at the watch told us to go to sleep quite soon.

Day four: July 21st 07

At quarter to nine we got up. Far to early Our first destination of the day was Gloucester Road (only one station from Earls Court) where the others wanted to visit Gloucester Road Book Shop. Nobody found something so we went on to the British Museum where we stayed until 2 o clock. I was not really motivated to walk through the whole museum as I have already been there and I was not really interested in seeing the same stones, sculptures and mummies a second time. The same was with Esther. So we decided to make photo shots. We tried to imitate the sculptures and made photos. But after some photos it was also boring so we went to the Museum shop where we found an interesting book. We stayed quite a while between the book shelves reading and looking through the sexual secrets. I wondered why they put such a book in a Museum store between History books and Art books but nevertheless time passed and we met the others. Except for Katja. She was so fascinated by the Museum that she took photos of almost every exhibit.

We were quite tired and sat down at the wall to wait for Katja.

When she arrived we went to Tower Hill by tube. Getting out of the station and seeing the Tower Eva asked: What nice little castle is that? She did not notice that it was the Tower. We did not go into the Tower as the admission charge is not affordable by poor students. So we walked over Tower Bridge and relaxed on the Bridge enjoying the little wind a bit. Did I already mention that we were missing the English Summer Rain? Esther and me were very tired and did not really want to do anything else than sitting somewhere doing nothing but our depression could be healed by ice cream.

I wanted to see the Horse Guards and my travel guide said that there would be a parade at four o clock. So we went to the Horse Guards at about five to four. When the parade began I was really disappointed. They were marching- without horses! Hey! I wanted to see the horses! Nevertheless it was funny watching the guards doing their show.

After that we went once again to Sainsburys and bought something to eat. With our dinner we went back to the hostel were we tried to feed Nadine who refused to eat. We did some videos that day showing how shaky our hostel beds were. Of course we exaggerated a bit but shooting these videos was great fun.

After eating and doing videos Eva and I dressed for The Phantom Of The Opera. It has always been my wish to see that musical. This wish has finally come true. It was so amazingly great. After that I must have worn a dreamy satisfied grin for a long time. Our seats were bad. We could not see one half of the stage but anyway I could hear the music and get the feeling. It was so great. I am really happy that I bought that ticket and thank you Eva for coming with me!

We met the others after the musical at Piccidilly Circus where we sat down a bit and watched the people passing by. After some time Esther was our guide as we wanted to go clubbing (At this point I have to mention the Spanish man from our dorm in November who asked us: Do you like clubbing and began to shake his ugly old ass.) We learned that we should not trust Esther anytime again concerning tubes. See how we went:

Piccidilly Circus to Leicester Square where we should have changed for Tottenham Court Road, unfortunately Esther led us back to Piccidilly Circus. So we went to Leicester Square once again and finally changed into the right tube and went off at Tottenham Court Road.

Our destination for tonight: The Borderline!

Which we found quite easy. The bouncer explained us what weve already read quite often at pubs or supermarkets: If you appear to be under 21 you have to prove that you are 18! Strange Law 6 pounds 50 and we could go in. We ordered our first round cider and sat down at a table. Some time later at 12 o clock some girlie band began to play. I forgot their name and I cannot really tell what their music was like but I enjoyed it. After the band was finished Esther and I conquered the dance floor. Some ciders later we did really crazy dancing I believe and finally the others joined us on the dance floor.

got the impression that the English and especially the English girls are prim and posh. Some of the guests in that club seemed to have a stick in their asses but there were exeptions of course. One girl told Katja that she had never seen something like that. Something like that was in other words, Eva, Esther, Nadine and me having fun.

At five o clock we went to bed after a great night out which was a unique adventure.

Day five: July 22nd 2006

The next day began lazy. As we went to bed early in the morning we stayed there longer than the days before. The day was defined as day for ourselves. We agreed on meeting at the Chinese restaurant at half past three and in the meantime everybody could do what they wanted.

The Les Miserables Freaks wanted to see the musical a third time! FREAKS! So they and Katja left the Hostel earlier to buy tickets for that nights performance.

Esther and me got dressed slowly and left the hostel at half past eleven. We had always been the ones who needed the longest for getting dressed, putting on make-up, making the hair and things like that. That is why Esther called us blooded chicks. And what do blooded chicks do in London? Of course they go shopping. I wanted to buy some shoes but in entire London there were no shoes in my size! So we ended up cd shopping.

That day we had the only rain. Only for about two hours. After that it was hot again. Nice balance. 6 Days London and only two hours rain!

After Berwick Street was empty because Esther had bought everything (only joking) we went to the meeting point. Having eaten we went to the Hostel and relaxed a bit. Some of us began packing their suitcases.

Eva and Nadine left us for Les Miserable and we remaining three got dressed for the Globe where we were going to watch Shakespeares A Comedy of Errors. I love Shakespeare, reading the book was already fun but seeing it in Shakespeares Globe was fabulous. The play was so funny and the actors interpreted it so well An Adventure I would not want to miss. I am glad we were groundlings (the ones standing in front of the stage) because I believe it would not have been half as funny sitting on the balconies.

After the play was over we decided to walk along the Thamse. We walked up to Waterloo station and this walk was something special, too. London at night is much more thrilling than it is at day. My first encounter with walking through London at night left a bad taste but after that walk I changed my opinion about walking at night. You should sleep at day and go out at night. I loved these 30 minutes walking!

From Waterloo we went to Piccidilly Circus by tube were we met Eva and Nadine. Finally joint again we walked through nightly London not really knowing where to go. When we reached Green Park we decided to walk through it and visit Lizzy.

We sat down in front of Buckingham Palace and bummed around a bit. The queen did not join us unfortunately.

After some time we decided to get up again and walk on. We ended up at Trafalgar Square were we caught a Night bus to our hostel.

In our room we proved some clichés by eating sausages. We hoped the American girl would not notice us eating. It is so typical: Germans eat sausages But we were hungry and they helped changing that state ;-)

Day six and seven: July 23rd and 24th 2006

Our last night at our hostel ended at half past nine. We had a shower, packed the last things and checked out at quarter past 10. Fortunately we could leave our luggage at the Hostel until we left London.

Our first way was once again Sainsburys where we bought food for the day and for our picknick in Hyde Park.

In Hyde Park we had breakfast, relaxed , read magazines and talked for over three hours. We also met a squirrel and some Japanese tourists who may have thought that we are a sight as they took photos of us O.O

After that relaxed morning we went to Temple. We wanted to go to White Cube, too where we wanted to see the exhibition dark matter as we found it funny: dark matter in white cube But it was closed.

With our last power we climed Primrose Hill were we had the second picknick of the day. From there you have an amazing look over the city and we enjoyed lying there, talking, eating and watching London. We almost forget the Ripper-Walk. So we ran to the tube station and went to Tower Hill were our Jack the Ripper experience was to start. That walk was very interesting and funny as our guide told the lurid tale in an almost amusing way integrating anecdotes and little stories from time to time. In the end he told us: You do not need to have nightmares when you come home. I can tell you: Jack the Ripper is dead! So dont be afraid. But the Americans, they still have Bush when they come home!

We wanted to buy something to eat afterwards but the supermarket was closed so we found ourselves at Pizza Hut. Our waiter was very obliging. He introduced himself: Hi I am Jim, if you need something just call me! But he seemed nervous as well. 80% of what he said contained the words thank you and sorry. Just some quotes:

-We ordered our meal I was just thinking Maybe you would better take. Or ehm probably not. Sorry

-Weve been very busy tonight. Weve run out of okay well basically we only have

-He was about to tell us, that the had run out of ice cream and we said that we were filled up anyway and we would need no dessert. Oh thank you. Thank you very much!

After our feast at Pizza Hut (and giving much tip to confused, cute Jim) we sat down at Piccidilly Circus once again. The fountain with the Eros figure above was somehow or predominant meeting and chilling point ;-)

After some time a guy gave us his can of beer we should protect it until he came back. Okay We thought if we should put some aspirin in it but as the guy was already drunk the effect could not have been worse. So we just waited until he came back. He did about 5 minutes later and introduced himself as Alexander who could speak Englisch, Russian and Italian fluently. He showed us his Italian by introducing Enriquo to us who was Italian and could not speek much English.

Alexander thought I was the leader of our group and ordered me to sit next to him. I said no I was quite comfortable sitting next to Eva Eva, who said I was quite bitchy to poor Alexander. But he was not offended by my refuse- not all. He began to say something about every one of us. Nadine and Esther are a lesbian couple, Katja is a clever girl (there he was right!), Eva was hard to handle, it would take a while to get her and then he turned to me. You are a crazy girl! I like crazy girls. Marry me!

I must have looked as if he just told me that Christmas would not take place this year. I really do. Marry me!

My only answer was a amused laugh. Evas comment was: He seems to like bitches! Hey? Do I have to be offended by that? Then a long haired busker came along and we talked a bit about London and that I was going home that night. He made me promise to come back and told me that I was a nice girl.

Okay what am I? A crazy (Alexander), bitchy (Eva), nice girl (the other guy)??? When we wanted to go Alexander said that we should enjoy our live and ourselves and we should not go to bed! When the others were already almost across the street the busker tod me once again that I was a nice girl and I should take care of myself. Maybe this was the night of good advices and predictions because Alexander hold me back as well, telling me: Someday, somewhere you will meet someone who will change your life!

We took the bus to the Hostel and fetched our luggage. The bus to the airport went from Victoria Station. For that we had to go to Hyde Park Corner by bus and change for a Victoria Station bus. The problem was: we arrived at one bus stand and had to walk one time around Marble Arch to get the right bus which went from another bus stand.

Marble Arch. Bad memories of needing 20 minutes to find the way out of that subway. And this time we had to use the subway as well, as it was not possible to cross the road with our luggage and the way Londoners drive!

But the subway was not the problem this time. Finding the right bus stand was the problem. It was the curse of Marble Arch! At 2.20 am we caught a Bus to Victoria Station. There we had to find the right Stansted Bus. We learned that Victoria Station is not the same as Victoria Coach station and not everything that has Stansted on it goes to Stansted. But we could cope with that situation as well. At 2.40 the right bus (in which we were sitting!) left and about one hour later we arrived at the airport.

We laid down in front of a closed shop and fell asleep. Unfortunately the shop was going to open at about 5 am. So a guard woke us and told us to sleep elsewhere. Then we crawled to the other side and waited for our plane which would be leaving at 8. We then freshened up on the airport toilet. Some perfectly-styled women looked strangely at us. Well okay even after refreshing we still looked like we had been awake for 19 hours.

When we finally could go on board I fell asleep almost immediately. I remember the feeling of being pressed into the seat just before getting off. And that is all. When the captain told that we would arrive in Stuttgart in 15 minutes I woke up again.

At the airport Evas father and Katjas father fetched us up and we went home by car. At one o clock I stepped into our house.

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